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W E L C O M E \\\ N E W T H I N G S


R E S T O R E.  R E F R E S H.  R E V I V E.  W E L C O M E. 

I can’t tell you all how excited I am to launch this site. Over the past year I’ve honestly gotten fed up with personal blogging and the blogging community. It was becoming something I didn’t want to be apart of anymore, and that blew my mind because blogging used to be a huge creative outlet for me. I took a break from blogging while I was at first year college and didn’t really give my old site much thought. Then all of a sudden it was summer and my camera was back in my hand and I was feeling the need for a creative outlet again. 

But I wanted it to be different this time. I wanted whatever I decided to use to be something I would want to keep putting content on even after the summer was over. For a while I didn’t know what I was going to do, I knew that a completely personal blog was out. I was done with that life. But that left me thinking, W H A T  N O W? 

After a month and a half of brainstorming, rebranding, thinking and creating, I came up with this site. 

H U R R I C A N E  S O U L. 

A creative outlet. A place to share photos, words, stories, music. A virtual magazine of sorts. The thing is, this place here on the world wide web, is going to be filled with more than one thing. Which I why I want to compare it to a virtual magazine. Not that that is what this site is at all, but because it’s not what you would call a “personal blog.” It’s going to be a bulletin board of things, it’s going to be a H U R R I C A N E of creative. 

I N T E N T I O N A L.   A D V E N T U R O U S.   C R E A T I V E.

That’s what this place is going to be. So, W E L C O M E. 


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  • http://megankristineblog.com Megan Kristine

    i like your blog. it’s cool.

  • http://joel.com(someday) joel nettles

    This is great! I can’t wait to see what comes as you pour out more of the wonderful God art that is Marissa!

  • http://alilyamongthethorns98.blogspot.com marcia

    yay! i love blog relaunches and I am so excited for you and this new chapter in blogging.

  • http://jessicarackley.com Jessica

    How did I miss this before?? Congrats on the new blog, woman! It looks great. I’m excited to follow along with you and your sister’s journey through blogging. 😉 Skype soon?