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West Coast Bound

I’ve always had extreme wanderlust. It stems from the many family road trips I was apart of growing up. It comes from moving over 14 times in the span of 20 years. It also comes from wanting to experience something new. The midwest (my home, the place that has my heart) is a wonderful place to be, but knowing that there is so much more out there to experience, makes the wanderlust stronger. My first traveling experience was last spring break when I took a trip to Colorado. It was amazing, and unforgettable. Seeing the mountains for the first time is indescribable. A year pasted by, and I was getting antsy. I needed something new. I needed another road trip. One of my closest friends, Laura, lives in Redondo Beach, California, and when she suggested that we make the 21 hour drive for spring break, I was so excited that I’m not sure the words “yes” ever came out of my month, it was just screams and squeals. CALIFORNIA, the place I’ve been dreaming to go ever since I saw “Free Willy” (yes, I realize this movie’s location is in the northwest, but it’s the whole ocean thing) as a child. It’s #34 on my bucket list. It’s a place I’ve been wanting to go forever. The west coast. Who could pass up a road trip this magnificent? Absolutely no one.

At 4AM we hopped into The Challenger and headed down interstate 40 west. Four states and twenty-one hours later the four of us travelers arrived in Redondo. Seeing this part of the country for the first time was almost too much for me to handle. I had to keep myself from over-posting on instagram along the way. It was all too wonderful to even imagine. I even enjoyed Arizona for a little while, before it became mundane.

California is everything I imagined it to be, but I’ll tell those stories later.

Pictures from the road:


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  • http://atowngirlslife.blogspot.com Sarah

    I got to visit California for the first time this summer. It was a lot of fun. I have only ever been there, Oregon and Washington (where I live) lol I would LOVE to travel more.

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