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The Ocean

I’ve had experience with large bodies of water before. Living on Lake Michigan for several years provided lots of opportunities to swim and splash around in the waves that met the shore. But the Great Lakes are just the baby brothers to the ocean.

This was my first encounter with the ocean. While that might seem crazy to some of you, I don’t really think it is. I appreciated it more seeing it as a 20 year old than I probably would have as a kid. I was ecstatic, and what an experience it was.

Walking up to the ocean, the smell of salty air and sea water fills the lungs and nose. (Yes, that is a thing, you can actually smell the salt.) The sound of the waves crashing against the shore fills the ears. For miles, all that can be seen is a small sliver of sand, compared to the vast waters that continue on in the distance. The ocean is nothing less then majestic.




One evening during golden hour we took a trip to a small cove. It was probably the best couple of hours I’ve ever spent. Sitting and watching the waves wash over the rocks. Dolphins popping up in the distance. Seagulls and other sea birds flying over head and swooping into the water. Skipping rocks (or attempting to do so), and just watching the sun go down behind the cliffs. It was incredibly peaceful and I loved it.


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