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Los Angeles | Hollywood

On day three of our week spent in California, we took a day trip into the heart of Los Angeles. Visited the LA Natural History museum, drove in LA traffic (some of the craziest I’ve ever experienced), had a picnic in the back of a 4runner, and soaked in the sounds of the city. Later, we ventured down to Hollywood, where we spotted the sign in the far distance and strolled down The Walk of Fame. It was a pretty big cultural shock walking around downtown Hollywood. People shouting on every corner trying to get you to go take a tour, or pay to see the sights. Street performers in costumes, a few people trying to sell their recently recorded albums saying “I’m just trying to make it big.” It was all so strange from anything I’ve ever experienced. But I also just found myself watching everything and everyone and taking it all in because it was SO new. LA/Hollywood is a very different environment compared to small country town Iowa (or even Oklahoma for that matter.)  It was a fantastically exhausting day.

“For this strip of coast, this tiny region, seems to be looking westward across the Pacific, waiting for the future that one can somehow sense, and feel, and see. Here America will build a great city of the pacific, the most fantastic city in the world.”
// Carey McWilliams, Southern California: An Island on the Land, 1946

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