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“Oh, I guess they’ll say I’ve grown 
I know more than I wanted to know 
I’ve said more than I wanted to say 

I’m heading home 
Yeah, but I’m not so sure 
That home is a place 
You can still get to by train.”  || JON FOREMAN – Southbound Train 


Returning home is always this strange thing. After being away for 9 months, (and only returning for a few breaks), moving back for the whole summer is weird. Everything has changed, and yet everything is still (in some weird way) the same. Small town that never changes, friends who I need to spend time catching up with, job hunts, library books, home cooked meals. Home will never really be the same, but I can always count on it to not feel completely foreign when I return. 

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  • Kennedy McAlister

    i’m actually really obsessed with you. thanks for sharing with me.