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How to be Content when Everyone is Traveling, But You’re Stuck Doing the Dishes




Oh, Summertime. The season of no school, family vacations and tan lines. We all know it so well. Everyone loves summer, after all. While Facebook timelines are being filled with pictures of kids in cap and gown, it’s also beginning to be filled with status like the following:
“Hello from Europe!” “I’m in Brazil” Africa! Paris! MexicoIrelandWestCoastNewYorkJapanCanadaAsiaSpain!
HOLD UP. Did I miss the memo? Did I forget to buy my plane ticket to destination “I’m traveling everywhere this summer?” Did I forget to purchase my map? Did I fall asleep for a couple of months, and somehow miss the big news?

You think I’m joking, but I’m being serious. EVERYONE is on the road, flying in a plane, or going SOMEWHERE it seems. What’s summer without a few road trips, after all? It’s completely normal. BUT, what I’m struggling with is while it seems like everyone is in Europe eating gelato, or hiking in the mountains, or taking pictures of scenic lands, I’m at home washing the dishes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE home. Home is… well… it’s HOME. Nothing is going to change that, it’s where my family and old friends are. My dog is here. My comfy bed, my trusty old bike. Home is great, but it’s hard when there are no road trips planned for my future (expect for the one in August when I drive back to school, but that hardly counts) for my future, and everyone I know seems to be going somewhere and doing something. While everyone is off posting cool Instagram photos I’m doing chores and cleaning my room 3 times a day. I’m actually beginning to think the words “I’M BORED,” which hasn’t entered my mind for at least a full year. So what in the world are we non-summer-travelers (because I’m sure I can’t be the ONLY one) supposed to do about feeling a little depressed that we aren’t off traveling the world?

I’m not claiming to have an exact answer for how to be content, but since this has been on my mind for around 3 weeks, I’ve had a while to think about it. So, I came up with this list:


Ohmyword HELLO. Remember that book list you’ve been adding to for like… ALL YEAR. How about you work on knocking some of those off the list? I love books because they can take you to other worlds, and sometimes just reading books about traveling can help in the “I’m just sitting in my bed all summer” feeling.

– Into the Wild | by: Jon Krakauer
– Wild | by: Cheryl Strayed
– Eat, Pray, Love | by: Elizabeth Gilbert
The best thing about reading books, is you can do that ANYWHERE. So go to the park, find a new coffee shop, and READ SOME BOOKS.
*Also LOOK I made a list on goodreads of books! Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, but check it out if you want.
>>> Summer Blues book list

I bet that there are a ton of places you’ve never been right in your own city. Check out that coffee shop on the corner. Explore the city trails. Go to the little bookstores. Eat at that family owned restaurant. BUY A NEW MUG. And why not Instagram your way through it? Try and explore the country and the near by cities too. Who says you can’t have adventures in your own town?

Buy your tickets. Wait in line. Have fun seeming the new summer flick. I don’t know. Pretend like it’s the red carpet. Make a list of all the premieres and tape it to your wall.

I don’t know about you, but even though I might get in the slumps about not traveling, I still like looking at everyone’s pictures from all their adventures. I still pin a thousand things on my travel Pinterest board, and I still daydream about living in the NorthWest. So, I don’t know. Don’t forget about your dreams of traveling, search for things you want to do the next time it’s YOUR turn to take to the road.

No but really. If you’re like me and you are away at school for most of the year, you really don’t get to see your family or friends at home very much. So stay up late talking to them. Eat too much ice cream. Watch dumb movies. Shoot some hoops.
And if you still need some people to talk to, then what the heck, why not Skype your world-traveling friends or even just friends from school (they still matter to you, right?)


Summer is only 3 months long, so why not at least try to make the best of it? Don’t make summer about wishing you were somewhere else, or by watching a million episodes on Netflix (although that’s good for a rainy day). I’m not saying I am going to be happy about not traveling all the time, but I’m going to at least try to make summer super duper fun. When my time comes to travel, I’ll be ready, and also appreciative of the time spent relaxing at home. How to be content is just something you kinda have to just… figure out. But if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you will never be content with where you are if you sit around and mope all day about not being in Paris. If the only walking you do is from your room, to the kitchen, and back again, then GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Depression can creep in easily if you spend all your time just sitting around practically being a hobo. So stop doing that. Learning to be content is about learning how to DEAL with where you’re at, and you can’t do that if you’re endlessly scrolling through Facebook. So decide that you will have a good summer, and then do it.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy doing the dishes (moms like that.)

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  • http://myheartofgypsy.blogspot.com/ Moriah Morrison

    LOVE this. I’m always having to remind myself to actually do something (like read a book) instead of scrolling through facebook and instagram looking at other people’s adventures :) This is perfect.

    • MarissaKayann

      EXACTLY. That’s basically my whole life… endlessly scrolling through Facebook… and then I have to snap myself out of it. :)

  • http://planetlydia.com/ Lydia

    I’ve been on a few weekend trips to see family. But sadly, I am not going to Europe. Now is about the time when I should sit down and make a list of productive things to do. Because . . . you know . . . sitting in bed on my laptop is not an admirable lifestyle.

    Your summer blues list looks pretty great. Ender’s Game, The Book Thief, Harry Potter, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn . . . I need to re-read ALL of those.

    • MarissaKayann

      Yes! And I can be such a pro sitting-on-bed-bum ever. Which is clearly something I’m aiming to not do this summer. :) I haven’t read a few of those… I’m really looking forward to knocking so of those off the list.

      • http://planetlydia.com/ Lydia

        Oh man, me too. I even have this nice little armchair, but nope . . . always end up sitting in bed.